Start cost-saving with an outsourcing call center in Colombia

By outsourcing your call center, you get more than just a service, you also get a strategic partner dedicated to improving organizational capabilities.

We provide a personalized service of the best quality, focusing on your specific needs and requirements, with the aim of achieving your business objectives.

Gestión de Call Center

Our Call Center services

Contrary to the growth of online consumer service tools, 79% of the public prefers to contact call centers.

Customer service

We develop omnichannel strategies with your clients, to deliver a memorable Service experience.


We have an expert sales team, with massive customer contact technology and omnichannel strategies that support the fulfillment of your business strategies.

Help Desk

Our platform is not just a "service desk" or "customer support", but also provides automation and artificial intelligence to simplify management and user support in all types of businesses and services.


We carry out telephone promotion campaigns, sending mass text messages, email marketing, voice messages and WhatsApp. We design commercial activities according to the needs of your organization.

Contact Center Integration

Integrate call center software with Soluciones BPO to create better customer experiences while simplifying your team’s workflows. 

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Benefits of outsourcing your Call Center


The total investment in the purchase of equipment and the risk of technology obsolescence are our responsibility.

Human resource

We have experts in call center service. We recruit and select talent to ensure the success of your business.

Better practices

Agility and years of experience can improve the efficiency of the process and transfer value to our clients.

Specialized in telesales

Our agents are experts in determining the needs of the client, a factor that improves the promotion and marketing of the client.

Monitoring and analysis

The purpose of the detailed analysis of calls made and received is to evaluate and improve the performance of campaigns and agents.

personalized attention

This information is provided in a personalized way to resonate with each customer, thus providing an effective business process for your brand.